The Will of Elias Coffin


Out of sight on even the clearest night, off the Massachusetts coast, the island of Watcher's Post mourns the death of Elias Coffin.  Descended from the founding fathers and for the last several decades the sole resident in Coffin Manner, Elias's death at the age of 108 leaves many wondering who will lay claim to the Watcher Post Family Trust. 

Elias's family abandoned him and the island long before most living residence were born.    Rumors and folk tales about Coffin Manner and the island's past aside, with control of the trust comes essentially ownership of the island itself.  Some hope that the trust will be dissolved amongst the town's families or that control will be turned over to the city council.   Rather than a normal reading of the will, it turns out that Elias had arranged for letters to be sent out from the estate's trustee.    Soon a number of handpicked descendants who have been invited to island will gather at Coffin Manner to listen to the wishes of a dead man. 

Who are these outsiders, and what right or rights do they have to the trust?

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