The Heirs

Elias Coffin was well prepared for his death at the age of 108.   While he had no family living on the island of Watcher's Post, the trustee of his estate was instructed to send letters to a select group of decadents and distant family members upon his passing.  

Elias seems to have been secretly keeping track of his estranged relatives, decade after decade.   Never having met a single one, he for whatever reason still has identified a few individuals as heirs in his will.   Few of these heirs have ever heard of Elias, and each is of a branch far removed from the other heirs named.  They are each individually named from among their kin, independent from where they would otherwise stand among their remaining family relations.  As far as each is aware, their name could have been picked from the family tree as randomly as how leaves fall at the start of autumn.   

Each has been informed that they are entitled to accept a single cash payment of $10,000 from the Watcher Post Family Trust. They may also accept an all expenses paid trip to the island of Watcher's Post to attend the formal reading of the will at Coffin Manor, and given an additional $10,000 dollar stipend to spend during the trip. Choosing not to attend the reading of the will does mean forfeiter of any further inheritance or possibility of being named as a beneficiary of the trust itself.   

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The Heirs

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