Victor Marsh, Esq.



Senior partner of the local law firm representing Elias Coffin’s will and the Watchers Post Family Trust, Victor Marsh was personally responsible for traveling to see each heir upon the Elias’s death.

A quiet natured man, he is a solemn representative of the Trust and its offer for travel to Coffin Manor to hear the terms of the will and about the potential of becoming a beneficiary of the Trust. He offers little beyond what he has been instructed to provide, but his charmless demeanor at the same time leaves no doubt about the authenticity of his words.

He is a man that does not hold much humor, but seems fully capable of arranging for a whatever his client wants without any questions or reproach.


Victor shares little about himself that is not covered on the face of bone colored, Silian Rail script, watermarked business cards.

Victor Marsh, Esq.

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